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DC and DC-Pulse from 3-150KW

For Single and Dual Magnetron Applications  Unipolar / Bipolar.

In cooperation with world class power supply manufactures we are able to offer a wide range of high quality plasma power products.

Lab Scale DC Plasma Power Supply - 750W; - 1,5KW 


The implementation of a fully regulated positive pulse in asymmetrical DC-Pulsing: 


The J.Schneider PLASMATEC AP power supply topology offers the capability of a fully controlled and adjustable positive reverse pulse. This opens up totally new process windows in DC-Pulsing. Most sophisticated arc management is of course obligatory in the negative pulse as well as in the positive pulse. These power supplies are ideal for new and improved deposition process technologies, especially if used for depositing flat substrates. 

PLASMATEC AP; PLASMATEC MP; PLASMATEC AC; PLASMATEC DC-P;                         by J.Schneider

  • Highly flexible, most reliable Plasma Power Supplies for PVD and PECVD
  • Wide power range, due to modularity.
  • All in One DC / DC-Pulse / Single plus Dual Magnetron
  • Easy exchange and replacement in already existing coating machines.
  • Water Cooling (Air-Cooling Optional) 

Product Overview PLASMATEC

"Defect Free Processing" is our goal

True current regulation does not allow any current rise, other than the set value at the output of the power supply. This has the noble advantage that if arcs would be generated on the target, no excess energy will feed these arcs, as this is valid for any standard plasma power supplies on the market. This function linked with an innovative and unique ARC-management enables outstanding film properties and highest depososition rates. Additionally the PLASMATEC-Products provide special ARC-Handling parameters which can be set for specific process technologies such as oxides and nitrides, i.e. Al2O3 Aluminiumoxid, AlN Aluminiumnitrid etc…