Cathodic - ARC 

Pulsed ARC-Supplies for Cathodic ARC-Evaporation

made by J.Schneider

  • optimized for “droplet free” (or close to..)  ARC / pulsed ARC  processing
  • true Current Source CFPP  (Current Fed Push Pull) -Technologie
  • smallest footprint
  • 12KW up to 400A, single box, 3/6KW; 100/200A in project
  • Custom Supplies available

Pulsed Product Performance -Improvements shown and reported on:

  • less droplets -> smoother surface
  • better control of film properties
  • higher deposition rate, shorter cycle time
  • higher target utilisation

Bias Power Systems

The PLASMATEC BIAS Unipolar / Bipolar outout   from 20 up to 1000 V.

 7.5 or 15 kW. (In parallel mode the power can be increased to 45KW)

  • unipolar  output frequency of 1 to 30 kHz
  • bipolar output frequency is adjustable from 1 to 15 kHz. 
  • duty cycle from 1 to 95 % 
  • Positive and negative pulses have the same output voltage but the duty cycle can be adjusted separately.

The PLASMATEC BIAS supplies feature: 

  • a sophisticated flexible adjustable arc management
  • a high power density and an incomparable robustness.
  • Optimized for pulsed ion etching
  • Better film density and adhesion
  • Adaptable to a wide range of process requirements
  • Water-cooled
  • Multiple units combinable for high power requirements
  • High performance DSP regulator

Pulse Form ARC

Pulse Form Bias


ARC PS new 23.pdf (653.09KB)
ARC PS new 23.pdf (653.09KB)