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4A-PLASMA, the competent partner for plasma power supplies and plasma applications!

4A-PLASMA looks back on many years of experience in plasma power supplies and applications for plasma enhanced surface technologies for the thin-film coating and semiconductor industry. 4A-PLASMA cooperates in an international network of manufacturers, technologists, scientists and last but not least with the end users of the industry and the R&D departments.


 DC / DC-Pulse Power Systems

HiPIMS Power Systems 


Cathodic ARC and Bias Power Systems  

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Power Systems Consulting

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Think Positive - Pulse Positive 



when it comes to experience in pulsing 

technologies for magnetron sputtering 

*Plasma Physics: Proceedings of the 1997 Latin American Workshop : VII LAWPP 97, by Julio Puerta, Pablo Martín, Published 1999 Springer, ISBN 079235527X, P57.  ** Comment by the author of this web-site.*

"Today it is recognized that 99.999% of all observable matter in the universe is in the plasma state..." *  

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 a Inverted Fireball Technology

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Coating on 3D-Prints AM-Parts

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