Pulsed ARC-Supplies for Cathodic ARC-Evaporation 

made by J.Schneider   


  • optimized for “droplet free” (or close to..)  ARC / pulsed ARC  processing
  • true Current Source CFPP  (Current Fed Push Pull) -Technologie
  • smallest footprint
  • 12KW up to 400A, single box, 3/6KW; 100/200A in project
  • Custom Supplies available


First industrial Test Results have been evaluated,

Improvements shown and reported on:

  • less droplets -> smoother surface
  • better control of film properties
  • higher deposition rate, shorter cycle time
  • higher target utilisation

                                                               For more info: 

ARC PS new 23.pdf (653.09KB)
ARC PS new 23.pdf (653.09KB)