About us:

4A-PLASMA provides innovative plasma power delivery solutions and concepts for the thin film processing industry. For high performance cost effective volume production or for specialized products for research applications, 4A-PLASMA is the competent contact for plasma power supplies, PS-consultations, plasma-processing and plasma-applications.

4A-PLASMA looks back on many years of experience in application, thin film processing, product-marketing, product-creation, development and distribution of plasma power supplies. Talking about next generation products is one thing, delivering high quality products and superior technology, the other.

State of the art thin film technology is our key focus.
Innovation, quality and performance is our occupation, full customer satisfaction our objective.

Founder: Gerhard Eichenhofer

Gerhard Eichenhofer, founder and owner of 4A-PLASMA, is an engineer of applied physics. He studied this at the University of Applied Science in RV-Weingarten Germany, with the main focus on process and environmental engineering.
Gerhard Eichenhofer has gathered almost 30 years of experience in the industrial plasma processing industry. He was engaged as an application, process and service-engineer in the semiconductor industry. In 1999 he moved on to the thin film and surface modification industry where he has held positions as application engineer, key-account and product manager, product-marketing manager, and as marketing and sales-manager at international operating power supply manufacturers such as  ENI (later MKS Inst.) Solvix and Advanced Energy.
Gerhard Eichenhofer has accumulated a wide spread knowledge of the worldwide market in the plasma surface engineering and thin-film technology industries, especially in the field of HiPIMS. He is internationally well known and recognised.