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pulse sequences, mixed pulse shapes, pulse-trains -bursts,

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BiPolar (sym / asym) -Technology for HiPIMS thin-film depositioninga step into the right direction!

 No question, HiPIMS is state of art magnetron sputtering, especially when it comes down to demanding coatings and high quality films. But still, the main restriction for HiPIMS is the low deposition rate. To overcome this, several attempts have been made, more or less successful.

A recent approach is adding an active reverse voltage pulse at the end of each HiPIMS impulse. This has been observed by independently operating groups. The most promising and cost effective pulse technology to boost up the HiPIMS performance is the BiPolar (sym/asym) technology, implemented in the 4AP HiPIMS power supplies. Applying the “just right pulse” the bipolar pulse technology has shown obvious advantages. It does not only increase deposition rates, it also shows significant improvements in film hardness and film structures.

As evolution goes on, the multi HiPIMS pulsing comes into the game. It is not just one single HiPIMS-pulse. It is either a multiple pulse with different settings (V,I,P however it is regulated) or a train or burst of single or multiple pulses. This has been shown nicely by PYJ and his group with a lab scale dimensions PS at the latest HiPIMS-conference. 

The new 4A-PLASMA power supplies are able to do deliver this technology for industrial scale power pulses.

A significant thin film density enhancement and an optimization of the crystalline quality have been shown. The ions arriving to the film can be controlled resp. modified. Research is ongoing.

Technical literature, articles and papers will be released in short. For more details please contact us.


High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering



High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering

 The new HiPIMS-PS Technology, created as a co-production by an experienced team of scientists, researchers, technologists, metallurgists, process engineers and last but not least, a highly skilled power supply manufacturer.

>>>Ready for the Industry!<<<

>>>Optimized for R&D!<<<

The highly flexible HiPIMS PS:

  • 500W - 90 KW 
  • Voltage, Current, Power regulation
  • Ultra fast ARC-Handling (V or I detect, absolute values or delta values (%))
  •  Voltage reversal after ARC, immediatly quenches the ARC  I / V reg. is adjustable  ->Voltage regulation is faster, can be disabled for certain applications
  • Pulsing frequencies up to 100KHz for low power units 
  • Pulse durations from µs up to ms range;  standart pulse is from 5µs to 100s

True HiPIMS-PS for many applications

  • HiPIMS-PS,  Uni-Polar / Bi-Polar / Single-Dual Magnetro  ( or any other plasma source, ion / beam …..)
  • DC-PS; magnetron sputtering, PECVD,  Etch  
  • DC-pulse-PS; magnetron sputtering, PECVD,  Etch
  • DC-Bias-PS;
  • DC-pulse Bias-PS;
  • HiPIMS-Bias-PS – DC;
  • HiPIMS Bias DC-pulse Uni-Polar / Bi-Polar
  • Superimposed and Sequential operation -> HiPIMS + DC (DC-Pulse possible)
  • hiPlus-Option (Positive Voltage Reversal) 

The  HiPIMS-PS to maximize Technology

HiPIMS Product Overview

<< HiPIMS-PS up to 90KW >>

<< more power, customized solutions upon request >>

All possibles pulse shapes can be done, see below some examples: 

The regular BiPolar HiPIMS-Pulse,  or any other shapefully, fully adjustable


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